Lunes, Oktubre 1, 2012

What You Should Know About Maintaining Aluminium Kozijnen

The Dutch language has the term aluminium kozijnen as the equivalent of what we call aluminium frames. These days, these frames are often employed in the construction of buildings and terraces. While they owe their popularity in part to their strength, one should not neglect to maintain them as one does other parts of one's house, naturally.

Aluminium is a metal that many people consider a pleasing material for building. It is less likely to buckle under most contrary conditions (unlike, say, lumber). This renders it hardy as a building material indeed.

That said, it nevertheless requires cleaning every now and then. There are no special skills required for it: anyone can do it. And everything you need might be in your cleaning supplies already.

Your everyday detergent should be a good start for cleaning solutions. Get some plain detergent and mix a quarter of a cup of it in a pail of water. Stir the mixture and you can get on with the cleaning.

It is possible to use a sprayer to get the cleaning liquid onto the kozijnen. One may apply a rag to the frames as well, if one does not have a spritzer. A plain rag shall do, so do not bother with fancy rags supposed to be for cleaning and the like.

Scrub the frames, then get ready to rinse. Fill up the pail you used with plain H20. Get another cloth and wash off the suds and grime from the frames.

You need to dry the frames after you have washed them. Do it with care and use a soft cloth that is not going to overly abrade the surface of the frames, or you might end up damaging the surface more: that would obviously defeat the purpose of this operation. You may move the cloth as one would a polishing rag if there are any spots remaining that you still want to try to take out.

Sometimes, of course, you are going to need more than plain detergent to get out really bad spots from your frames. Try the above solution first, and if it does not work, move on to stronger mixtures. Luckily for you, the materials for these are not exactly exotic either.

Household ammonia can be a good cleaning substance. Mix it with water and you can produce a pretty good solution for most stains. A can of WD40 could be an alternative to this too.

Obviously, every aluminium kozijn should be cleaned regularly. You have to make sure that they do not start to corrode without you even noticing. The entire structure benefits from their upkeep, after all.

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