Lunes, Setyembre 24, 2012

Quickest Ways To Get Your Own Wood Cabins: Made To Order Options

Get a log or wood cabin that coincides with your personality, needs and lifestyle. It is often seen as small extension to your home, but you would be surprised at the usefulness of such an addition. Cabins come in many shapes, styles and sizes so choosing one might be a bit difficult.

Before anything else, decide on the size of the cabin you can have. There are prefabricated designs that specify size but you can also choose one to be constructed with the size specifications you want. You should measure the space for the cabin so you are sure that the structure would not take up too much space and render the yard useless.

The second thing you have to decide is the type of material and would you want used for the cabin. You can research about different types of wood to aid you in making a final decision. Among the top choices are cedar, redwood and pine.

The Alaskan cedar's resistance to the elements and its tendency to remain invulnerable to insect activity and decay makes it an ideal material. Cedar can endure weathering without getting painted or stained however, when left unstained, the color fades when exposed to the sun. Old growth of heartwood cedar looks better and will last for a long time.

Pine is the most affordable option for wooden summerhouses but with this type of wood, staining and painting is required for it to survive against the elements. With proper treatment pine can last for a century, especially for Southern pine. Pine needs to be properly treated to be a good choice for buildings, so make sure to use pine that is certified by an organization that specializes in wood preservation.

Redwood, like cedar, another great choice. Furthermore, it won't react to changing humidity and atmospheric moisture levels. Similar to cedar, only the heartwood of redwood is resistant to insects and rot, and this wood comes in a broad selection of grades so be watchful on what you are buying.

A clear grade named Heart B is made from all heartwood, however, it only permits a limited number of blemishes or knots per board. These planks are actually patronized because of the knots which many find to be more attractive and add visual interest. Redwood doesn’t require staining but it can be beneficial in that it preserves color and vibrancy.

Make sure to check the condition of the foundations where the cabin will be built on. Concrete slabs, as opposed to simple concrete footings, are needed if the cabin is a large structure. Check that the foundations are perfectly leveled before starting to build anything to avoid buckling supports and shifting floors.

The last decision involves deciding on who you would assign to build your cabin. It might be that you are the type who loves to spend time trying to arrange the bits and pieces from scratch. Perhaps you have relatives or friends you could invite, who might have knowledge on building, but beware with the eager amateur handyman.

The best option when trying to build wood cabins is to deal with the experts. Many cabin suppliers give their clients the option of having their own workers assemble the building for the client. These people come with the right equipments and tools for the job, your log cabin is up and completed in a few hours, ready to use with no fuss on your part.

For building wood cabins, you can go to this cool website and ask professionals for their services.